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    Calvert Home Mortgage provides real estate financing for properties in Alberta

    Debt Consolidation:

    Save yourself thousands of dollars in interest, lower your monthly payments and get debt free faster by consolidating your debts. Take equity out of your home to pay: credit cards, department cards, lines of credit, car loans, CRA debts, property taxes and any other debts that are weighing you down.


    Borrower is restricted with high monthly payments

    The current debt has a high and costly interest rate

    Low amortization makes it challenging to pay it down

    High penalties are being accrued

    Property is subject to foreclosure, and may force its sale

    Need quick access to equity

    Borrowing ratios (GDS and TDS) prohibit traditional financial institution options

    Credit score is being negatively impacted

    Personal peace of mind is being impacted by debt collectors


    CHMIC will provide first and second mortgages to pay off (or down) high interest rate debt to reduce the cost of borrowing, reduce monthly payments, and provide a path to debt elimination. This allows the borrower to re-establish their credit, gain peace of mind, and regain access to traditional financing options.