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Our Difference

Calvert Cares

We believe everyone deserves a place to call home. For some that means renting, for others home ownership. We know that for many, these options are out of reach: not everyone can qualify for a traditional mortgage and there is a housing shortage in Canada. Calvert is the Canadian leader in short-term lending, providing fast, flexible, alternative mortgages to help people buy homes and to help real estate investors bring new life to houses in need of repair. Inhabited and rehabilitated homes revitalize communities.

How we’re redefining ourselves and the industry:

Calvert Home Mortgage | Our Difference

A simple, low-stress experience with clear options

Working for You

Our team is empathetic and understanding of the challenges our clients face. We prioritize our clients’ needs and facilitate the right financial decisions. We focus on short-term lending and getting clients back to a lower rate long-term solution when possible.

Delivering an Effortless Experience

Our response time and follow-through are part of our outstanding services that allow us to offer fast, flexible, and value-based lending options.

Making Business Personal

Focused on your success, we take the time to understand the unique situations that Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Investors, and homeowners face. 

Moving Faster than Other Lenders

We offer a simple and fast approval process with funding in as little as 1-2 business days in Alberta and 1-3 business days in Ontario upon receiving all required documents. 

Focusing on Education & Transparency

We are constantly educating ourselves so we can remain trusted experts in what we do. Our team is here to provide valuable resources, insights, and education to assist you with making sound financial decisions. 

Mortgage Brokers

Time-sensitive deals require a quick response, and we act immediately.

Real Estate Investors

Down payment options as low as $10,000 in Alberta and $20,000 in Ontario.


Flexible solutions and reasonable terms – even if you are working to improve your credit score.

Calvert Home Mortgage | Our Difference

Our mission is to be Canada’s most trusted mortgage lender so that our customers, investors, and partners succeed and grow in thriving communities.

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