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    Our Team

    We strive to maintain a culture that is committed to:

    We Believe:

    • It is vital to know our clients
    • Develop meaningful relationships
    • Provide an effortless experience
    • Be committed to the personal and financial success of others
    • Educate and inspire others to make good decisions
    • Create value through knowledge, wisdom and service
    • Be honest, authentic and caring

    We Want To:

    • Inspire and be inspired
    • Live and work with integrity
    • Be open to possibilities
    • Live an extraordinary life
    • Work with passion
    • Be adaptive learners
    • Create, collaborate and share
    • Give generously and receive graciously

    Everett Koeller

    As the founder of Calvert Home Mortgage in 1975, Everett Koeller has been instrumental in the growth and development of the Company over the last 45 years. Through Everett’s successful lending career in the early 1960s, he discovered a market opportunity for short-term mortgage loans through a trusted source; Calvert Home Mortgage was founded with the goal of providing an effortless experience tailored to each individual client's needs. Everett continues to mentor the team in disciplined underwriting and living the values which initiated the success of the business.


    Dean Koeller

    “I have had the privilege of working with Dean for years as a shareholder of Calvert Home Mortgage and also in my work as Director at the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation, which the Calvert team have faithfully supported for many years. “Integrity” is the first word that comes to mind in describing Dean. To this, I would also add Professional; Seasoned; Compassionate; Competent’ Hard-working; Fair.” Dean stops at nothing to help his clients, stakeholders and team members.” – Karen Hammond, Dean’s Client

    Dean has had the opportunity to grow up in the lending business. His father has mentored him to bring his best to the office and building an organization who cares about each other and their clients. Dean believes in creating a winning culture for the clients and stakeholders. As a leader Dean is committed to being a trusted advisor and creating an effortless experience. Dean is driven by his passion for helping others find and develop their success.


    Dale Koeller

    “I would highly recommend Dale to anybody looking to invest in mortgages because he is creative in his approach to getting a deal done with expert analytics of risk from all angles. He always provides me with his view of the strengths and pitfalls of my applications to his firm. I consider Dale part of my mentorship team” – Mike Toporowsky, Dale’s client

    Dale is a father of two girls and places strong value on getting to know his clients and colleagues on a personal basis and creating an effortless experience. Dale is a trusted advisor offering knowledge education and analytical analysis, to provide his clients with insight into the best financial solution that will serve each unique client. While honing his skills and knowledge of the mortgage industry since 2001, Dale quickly became recognized as a lending leader in the Alberta real estate market.


    Sherwin Dziwenka

    “I highly recommend Sherwin Dziwenka. He is a fantastic Consultant and incredibly knowledgeable.” – Ashley Loft, Sherwin’s Client

    As a father, Sherwin understands the importance of connecting with people on a personal level. Prior to joining the Calvert team, Sherwin spent 2 years developing himself as a mortgage broker with a national brokerage. Sherwin’s broker experience serves his clients because he truly understands what mortgage brokers require from their lenders to quickly and successfully close with their clients. Sherwin is known for his personalized approach to understanding his clients and developing an effortless and creative solution to serve each clients’ specific needs.


    Jesse Bobrowski

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Jesse throughout my career as a Mortgage Broker. He has an incredible understanding of mortgage finance, especially when it comes to the harder to place files. I can always count on him to provide me with a quick and fair quote for all of my “private” mortgage requests. His focus on keeping in mind both his firm’s and the borrower’s best interest is truly commendable.” – Josh Higgelke, Jesse’s client

    Jesse is involved in many key facets of the lending process– particularly building key relationships, underwriting, investor attraction and relations, regulatory compliance, and preventative loss analysis. “What I love is helping people,” says Jesse. “At Calvert our aim is assisting people in reaching their financial goals. I feel passionate about our business because it is all about growing something special for all stakeholders. I love what I do; my role is to ensure we are attracting quality opportunities to lend our money and sufficient capital to fund those opportunities.”

    Jesse is a father of two young children, beyond work, his passions extend to skiing, fishing, mountain biking, and continuous learning. Before Calvert, Jesse was the Vice President of Operations for a Calgary based private lending firm, facilitating the funding of over 200 mortgage loans totaling more than $200 million.


    Garrett LaBarre

    “I have known and worked with Garrett for over three years; during this time he has always provided an effortless experience and valuable knowledge regarding the Alberta real estate market. Garrett cares about his work and works hard to build meaningful relationships through good communication. I trust him to provide the best service to my clients and me.” - Tim Matlo, Garrett’s Client

    Garrett has a passion for working with clients and helping them get the best possible solution given their personal circumstances. As a former athlete and team member of an NCAA tennis program, he understands what perseverance and hard work are required to be successful. Garrett has committed his career to real estate financing and has demonstrated a commitment to customer service, real estate investing and credit rehabilitation.


    Rob Maver

    “Rob is a huge asset to have on your side. He is incredibly responsive to questions and lending scenarios. He wants to do what’s best for my clients, and he comes up with no nonsense solutions when there is a solution that can be found. Rob is my first call when an opportunity to place a mortgage in the private space comes up. He always gathers details up front, (even if the details are a bit vague) and gives a realistic answer if the file is something that he can look at or not. My clients are very happy with Rob, the solutions he comes up with and the experience he provides. I look forward to working with Rob and Calvert to keep providing common sense mortgage solutions to my clients.”
    -Jeff Mann, Rob’s Client

    Rob’s professional and personal experiences have conditioned him for success as he values the strength of a team, discipline, goal setting, and building relationships. He brings a passion for real estate, previous experience within Business Development and a professional football career where he was a two-time CFL All-Star, Team Captain and a two-time Grey Cup Champion. Rob understands what it takes to create a team of winners and maintaining a positive attitude to produce the best results for others. Rob has been a great mentor and leader and will not rest until the job is done right.

    Rob enjoys his time with his wife Libby and dog, Chase, being in the mountains hiking or snowboarding, traveling and reading. He is currently enrolled with Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia) completing a Diploma in Urban Land Economics.

    Whether it be a Real Estate Investor securing a quick close, or a Homeowner utilizing the equity in their home, he takes great pride in helping our clients improve their financial outlooks knowing the real impact this has on their lives.


    Ronda Bateman

    Ronda joined Calvert Home Mortgage in 2010, after a 14-year career as a Controller in the oil and gas industry. Ronda received her Certified General Accountant Designation in 2002 and continues to build and develop her knowledge and education in the area of accounting, IFRS, and tax management. Ronda is responsible for the preparation of all account and financial statements and works with auditors to produce some of the highest quality financial statements in the industry.


    Jason Luc

    Jason joined Calvert Home Mortgage the end of 2020 as a Senior Accountant. He recently acquired his Chartered Professional Accountant Designation and brings more then 8 years of financial reporting and budgeting experience from industries that include retail gas and non-for-profit. Jason is responsible for financial reporting and compliance for Calvert Home Mortgage. Outside of accounting Jason is huge fan of outdoor activities and enjoys hiking whenever he finds the chance and enjoys playing badminton whenever he gets the chance.


    Kristine Vitto

    Kristine joined Calvert Home Mortgage in 2013, after 11 years of mortgage underwriting and administrative work. Kristine brings a great work ethic and is committed to assisting both internal and external capacities for the growth and development of the business. Kristine has been an integral part of the administration team, ensuring a smooth process for both internal and external clients. Kristine is committed to providing an effortless experience and is always willing to go the extra mile in making sure every client receives the best experience possible.


    Candia Cope

    As Calvert’s Administration Manager, Candia Cope brings over 30 years of financial services experience encompassing customer service, lending, investing, compliance, administration, and operations. She has 12 years of experience in major financial institutions (including four years spent teaching at a private business college), four years in the RESP sector and 15 years in the private lending sector.
    Candia believes real estate can provide tangible security for investments and allows investors to see the security that backs their investment. At Calvert, she has valued the great team of people where they do their best to support each other in their roles, learning, and growth.

    Her number one priority is spending time with her family, creating lasting memories from their many adventures. Even though her daughters are independent, she always wants them to feel the sense of home. Candia’s sense of fun and energy is contagious to those around her, both young and old. She welcomes the opportunity to experience the great outdoors whether she is out skiing or spending time in the mountains or at the ocean.


    Amy Bailey

    Amy joined Calvert Home Mortgage in 2016 as a mortgage administrator. She has over 25 years of mortgage experience in customer service and administration. Amy brings a wealth of knowledge to the administrative team and continues to contribute to the growth of Calvert. Amy is committed to assisting customers while also contributing to a successful team in an adaptive environment. Amy is committed to offering our clients the best service in a timely and valuable manner. She is detailed oriented and is always looking for ways to improve our effortless experience.


    Joy Sale

    Joy joined the Calvert Home Mortgage team in 2017, taking on a reception and admin role. Joy has since moved into a mortgage administration role after ten years of experience in mortgage administration. She is dedicated to ensuring our clients, the Brokers and lawyers have an effortless experience. “I love this company. When the clients and business success, and we all grow together,” says Joy. Her role and responsibilities at Calvert fit well with her commitment and enjoyment of helping others.


    Melanie Hendrix

    Melanie first started as a summer student intern at Calvert Home Mortgage as she was finishing her Business Degree. She joined the team full time in the spring of 2018 after graduating with a Business Degree from Mount Royal University, taking on a Marketing and Sales role. She is responsible for generating leads through several marketing channels, including inbound and outbound marketing tactics; email campaigns, social media, and educational events.


    Laura Ladd

    Laura joined the Calvert team as the front of office receptionist and administrator, bringing 12 years of administrative experience. Laura is the first face that clients see when they walk in the office, and the first voice clients hear when calling, she greets everyone with her positive and welcoming presence. She is responsible for various administrative and office duties, as well as placing our clients in touch with the appropriate Calvert member.


    Robin Mackay

    Robin joined the team in 2019 as the in-house valuator for Calvert Home Mortgage, providing real estate analysis and valuations for our underwriting team. She is currently enrolled with Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia) and is a Candidate Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. She has previous experience as a fee-consultant, working for a national appraisal company. Before pivoting into the Real Estate, she spent five years as a Business Consultant for franchise owners.


    Julia Smithers

    Julia joined the Calvert Home Mortgage team in 2020, bringing with her 10+ years’ experience providing administrative support to all levels of management in numerous industries including Oil and Gas, Property Management and Automotive. As our Executive Assistant, she ensures the Calvert Home Mortgage Executive team have everything they need to be successful. Julia is committed to providing assistance in an efficient and organized manner; skills she has perfected in her spare time as a Wedding Day Coordinator.


    Almar Tejano

    Almar joined Calvert Home Mortgage at the beginning of 2020, as a Junior Accountant. He is currently working on finishing his Accounting degree from the University of Lethbridge. He is responsible for making collection calls, arrears management, accounts payables, and assisting the Accounting team in the preparation of monthly reports. Almar enjoys doing summer outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. He is dedicated to his work and is very willing to learn and grow.