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Our Team

We strive to maintain a culture that is committed to:

We Believe:

  • It is vital to know our clients
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Provide an effortless experience
  • Be committed to the personal and financial success of others
  • Educate and inspire others to make good decisions
  • Create value through knowledge, wisdom and service
  • Be honest, authentic and caring

We Want To:

  • Inspire and be inspired
  • Live and work with integrity
  • Be open to possibilities
  • Live an extraordinary life
  • Work with passion
  • Be adaptive learners
  • Create, collaborate and share
  • Give generously and receive graciously

Everett Koeller

As the founder of Calvert Home Mortgage in 1975, Everett Koeller has been instrumental in the growth and development of the Company over the last 40 years. Through Everett’s prior brokerage experience, he quickly discovered a need in the market for a private lender who operates under high ethical practises, and is always in search of the best solutions tailored to each individual client. He continues to mentor the team in maintaining the values that Calvert was founded upon, and ensures that his business acumen contributes to the culture and success of the business.


Dean Koeller

"I have had the privilege of working with Dean for years as a shareholder of Calvert Home Mortgage and also in my work as a Director at the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation, which the Calvert team have faithfully supported for many years. “Integrity” is the first word that comes to mind in describing Dean. To this I would also add: Professional; Seasoned; Compassionate; Competent; Hard-working; Fair.” Dean stops at nothing to help his clients and his friends. I am honoured to be both”- Karen Hammond, Dean’s Client

Dean is a father of 2, and is known for bringing a wealth of knowledge and energy to his team. As the leader of the Calvert team, Dean quickly committed himself to providing ethical, and consistent customer service, and this is what drives Dean to grow the business and the Calvert brand. Dean is driven by his passion of helping others find and develop success, and to help his clients and colleagues realize their financial goals by being a trusted colleague, mentor, and friend.


Dale Koeller

"I would highly recommend Dale to anybody looking to invest in mortgages, because he is creative in his approach to get a deal done with expert analytics of risk from all angles. He always provides me with his view of the strengths and pitfalls of my applications to his firm. I consider Dale part of my mentorship team”- Mike Toporowsky, Dale's client

Dale is a father of 2 girls, and places strong value on getting to know his clients and colleagues on a personal basis. Dale is known for his strong analytical skills, which helps him give insight into the best financial solution that will serve each unique client. While honing his skills and knowledge of the mortgage industry since 2001, Dale quickly became recognized as a lending leader in the Alberta real estate market.


Sherwin Dzwinka

"I highly recommend Sherwin Dziwenka. He is a fantastic Consultant and incredibly knowledgeable.” - Ashley Loft, Sherwin’s Client

As a father, Sherwin and understands the importance of connecting with people on a personal level. Prior to joining the Calvert team, Sherwin spent 2 years developing himself as a mortgage broker with Invis Inc. Sherwin’s broker experience serves his clients because he truly understands what mortgage brokers require from their lenders to quickly and successfully close with their clients. Sherwin is known for his personalized approach to understanding his clients, and developing creative solutions to serve each clients’ specific needs


Jesse Bobrowski

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jesse throughout my career as a Mortgage Broker. He has an incredible understanding of mortgage finance especially when it comes to the harder to place files. I can always count of him to provide me a quick and fair quote for all of my “private” mortgage requests. His focus on keeping in mind both his firm’s and the borrowers’ best interest is truly commendable.” - Josh Higgelke, Jesse’s Client

A Senior Underwriter and Dealing Representative with Calvert, Jesse is involved in many key facets of the lending process- particularly the underwriting process, borrower relations, investor relations, regulatory compliance and preventative loss analysis. Prior to joining Calvert, Jesse was the Vice President of Operations, Chief Compliance Officer and Dealing Representative for a Calgary based private lending firm underwriting, structuring and facilitating the funding of over 200 mortgage loans totalling more than $200 million.


Ronda Bateman

Ronda joined Calvert Home Mortgage in 2010, after a 14 year career as a Controller for a number of oil and gas companies. Ronda received her Certified General Accountant designation in 2002 and continues to build and develop her knowledge and education in the area of accounting, IFRS, tax and management. Ronda is responsible for the preparation of all account and financial statements and works with auditors of to produce some of the highest quality financial statements in the industry.


Kristine Vitto

Kristine joined Calvert Home Mortgage in 2013, after 11 years of mortgage underwriting and administrative work. Kristine brings a great work ethic and commitment to assisting in both an internal and external capacities for the growth and development of the business.