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    Giving Back

    The Charitable Foundation of the Family is a grass roots organization whose focus is about helping others in their moment of need. They are committed to assisting those who are financially oppressed in our community, as well as furthering education through scholarships and to ultimately promote growth and unity in our community. We are continuously looking for better ways to nurture hope in our community. There are numerous social and welfare organizations in our community that do incredible work, yet with all that is being done there are still individuals who are falling through the social fabric of our community and need help. At the foundation we are committed to assisting those individuals. We do not duplicate existing services, instead we look to partner with agencies to find the best, most resourceful, and self- sustaining methods to help those in need. Everett Koeller is the founder of this foundation and with the support of his two son’s Dale and Dean Koeller they continue to make a difference in their community.


    2020 Christmas Charities

    Keeping in mind what a challenging year 2020 was for so many in our community, Calvert Home Mortgage decided that in lieu of sending Christmas gifts, to instead make a charitable donation. The Team asked our Investors and Mortgage Broker Partners to help us decide between a few charities. In the spirit of giving, Calvert Home Mortgage donated to 3 different charities on behalf of our Investors and Mortgage Broker Partners.

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