So, you found a perfect property to flip and you want to put in an offer to purchase…

Unfortunately, all traditional financial institutions have guidelines that restrict the ability to flip properties.

Calvert Home Mortgage can solve this roadblock!

We specialize in working with real estate investors, house flippers, and BRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance) enthusiasts. We lend to investors who buy, fix, and immediately resell properties for a profit.

Our team of experienced Underwriters will consult with you to create a plan to ensure you’re profitable on your next flip. We’ve been providing an effortless mortgage lending experience since 1975.

Apply for a house flipping loan now & have a response by tomorrow.

How Can Calvert Home Mortgage Help Me Flip A House?

Calvert Home Mortgage | House Flipping

We provide the education you need to make intelligent investments.

Calvert Home Mortgage views lending as a partnership. That’s why we are continually developing helpful tools and providing you with resources to support you in this competitive house flipping market.

Our in-house experts help you plan your flip and get you the capital you need.

We work with house flippers to maximize leverage options and create a plan to get the capital required to cash flow flip properties. Together we can quickly calculate the renovation budget and purchase, financing, operating, and selling costs. When you understand the numbers, you can find and close better deals.

There Are Many Important Factors to a Successful Flip:

House flipping should be a profitable venture.
Let the Calvert Home Mortgage team be your partner in profitability!

Flip Product Snapshot

Here are the essential details you need to know:

Calvert Home Mortgage | Small Down Payment

I cannot say enough great things about CHMIC and Garrett at Calvert. They go above and beyond to make sure that you are successful and are very transparent. If you are tired of the conventional banks, definitely use Calvert. They are a huge asset to have on your team.

Juan Pablo Carrillo
Juan Pablo Carrillo

Our Underwriting Philosophy:

If it is a profitable deal, we want to be involved!

Calvert Home Mortgage | Flip Product Snapshot

Terms & Financing

Solutions designed to give you house flipping superpowers.

Term: 6 months fully open with no prepayment penalty and no renewal fee.

Down Payment and Rates: We offer a product with the potential to put down as little as $10,000 in Alberta and $20,000 in Ontario. Our rates start at 9.99%.

Early Prepayment: This mortgage is fully open. There is no payout penalty.

Payments: Monthly interest-only loan payments.

Commitment Fee: This fee is a percentage of the net loan amount and is built into the mortgage.

Another way to help reduce your interest rate and costs is to provide another property as extra security. Calvert Home Mortgage can discharge our mortgage from all properties once the flip property sells or is refinanced and paid in full.

Calvert Home Mortgage can help you reach your house flipping goals.

Calvert Home Mortgage | House Flipping

It has always been a pleasure working with Calvert Home Mortgage. Their flipping products are extremely helpful for my business. They provide much more than just lending on properties when it comes to purchasing them. I suggest anyone looking to flip in need of creative financing to contact Calvert.

Jason McNeill
Jason McNeill

Whether flipping one house or 40, Calvert Home Mortgage can help you secure the funding you need to reach your goals.

Phone: 403-278-0249 | Toll-free: 1-888-752-4642

Phone: 403-278-0249

Toll-free: 1-888-752-4642