Your House Is Listed But Hasn’t Sold Yet. And Now – You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Don’t let the sale of your existing home stop you from making a move! We have a simple solution

You are not alone.

Most homebuyers need bridge financing to help them as they sell their current home and purchase their next property. 

Calvert Home Mortgage combines flexible mortgage terms with a low-stress process, ensuring you and your family have the opportunity to build the life you envision. 

 The pending sale of your current home shouldn’t
stop you from securing your next mortgage.

 Get The Bridge Financing You Need Now

Bridge Financing Solves Many Roadblocks:

Why Choose Calvert Home Mortgage For Your Bridge Financing?

Are you or your client looking forward to moving into a newly purchased property, but the possession date is earlier than the sale of the current property?

Calvert Home Mortgage can help you close the sale of the new home purchase before the current property sells or if it’s sold, before its possession date. We offer a short-term mortgage to bridge the gap, allowing a seamless transition between homes.

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Quickly apply for a bridge mortgage now and have a response by tomorrow.

  • We Work For You.

    We always operate in the best interest of our clients. If you are a Mortgage Broker, we will enthusiastically serve your clients with our unique bridge financing solutions and strong exit strategies.

  • Our Process is Fast and Effortless.

    We offer a simple and fast approval process with a 24-hour commitment with as few conditions as possible. Our clients always comment about our incredible response time!

  • We Make Business Personal.

    Focused on our client’s financial success, we take the time to understand each unique situation and provide trusted advice. We are trusted experts, and the Calvert Home Mortgage team is here to assist in making sound financial decisions. 

It has always been a pleasure working with Calvert Home Mortgage

I am a long-term associate in the real estate industry and I can tell you that Calvert has been an exemplary lender to work with. I have worked with multiple clients of theirs. The personal service is like a small-town branch, not a big unfeeling bank. I do not hesitate to recommend talking to Calvert for your borrowing needs.  I like them so much, that I and my wife invest with them.

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Christopher A


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