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    Calvert Home Mortgage provides real estate financing for properties in Alberta

    Bridge Financing

    Are you or your client looking forward to moving into that new property you just purchased, but your possession date is earlier than the sale of your current property? Often, possession dates don’t align in a way that is most convenient, and our bridge financing option will provide the peace of mind while in transition.


    Loans are often too short term

    You don’t want to lose the sales of your property while waiting for financing

    Existing lenders are not willing or able to bridge the purchase with your existing equity

    Limited and restrictive conditions cause penalties at traditional financial institutions

    Your house is listed but hasn’t sold yet


    We can help you close the sale of your purchase before the property you are moving out of sells, or before its possession date if it is sold. We offer a short term loan to bridge the gap for you, allowing a less stressful transition between homes. We can also help you take advantage of your prepayment privileges on the house you are selling to help reduce your prepayment penalty.