Underwriting a Private Deal

The private mortgage market in Canada has been consistently growing over the last 10 years. Reasons for the growth include stricter regulations for institutional lenders and increase in the amount of capital available to private mortgage lenders as a result of underperforming bonds and other traditional fixed-income investments, which has motivated the investment community to seek out higher return products. Another factor is increased regulation of how private mortgage lenders raise capital (except for BC) which has consolidated smaller operators who are challenged to meet regulatory requirements.

Substantiating how much the industry has grown is a challenge, but, as an example, in 2010 there were approximately four private mortgage lenders based in the Western Provinces who had a portfolio of loans exceeding $100 million and today there are over 12.


As mortgage professionals, there is a real opportunity to embrace private lending in order to service more clients and in turn grow your business. Part of embracing this market is educating yourself on its nuances. In this article, I will discuss how private mortgage lenders make underwriting decisions.

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Bringing Transparency To Private Lending

The new Mortgage Rules are making it harder for you to get your clients a mortgage.   As a result, more and more mortgage professionals are using private mortgage lenders to help their clients achieve their goals.  To best help your clients, it is important to understand how private mortgage lenders operate, how the pricing works and the associated costs to ensure what you promise your customers come to fruition, with no surprises.

Who are Private lenders?

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Timing is Everything; Don’t Leave it to Chance!

Sherwin Timing is Everything

In my role as an Underwriter at Calvert, I have the opportunity to work with mortgage brokers and fund deals in less than 24 hours from the initial phone call.

After a brief conversation at noon one day, the Broker quickly provided the entire document package, and I was able to hand the client a cheque at around 11 am the next day.

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An economic roadmap: how to read the signs

An Economic Roadmap: How to read the signs

In our industry, we discuss the economy a great deal, and we follow the statistics and economic measures: but what does it all mean and how do you use this information in your business? How does it help you make decisions, and how can you use it to answer your clients’ questions about the economy.  In the news and industry articles there is a lot of noise: how do you know what matters, and what indicators will affect you and your clients, and the lenders you deal with. 

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